Once upon a time 43 doors

site specific installations in European libraries

1998 Espace Diderot Rezé, FR

1999 Central Library Amsterdam/ Centrale Bibliothèque Anvers, B

2000 Bibliothèque du Trocadéro, Paris, FR

2002 Médiathèque Jacques Demy, Nantes, FR


A free selected collection of 43 doors offers us the possibility to investigate a life destiny labyrinth. In combination with French / Dutch expressions and proverbs this everyday life object unveils the language and social culture of the country.

We invite the visitors in a labyrinth constructed with doors of different measures, forms and colors. They are extremely individual regarding style and epoch.

Their position in the library space obliges the visitor to cross several times a border (the door between the bookshelves). The emphasis lies on the physical experience of ‘entering and leaving ', ‘crossing a border and staying’...